Jason Aranas has spent more than 14 years in the finance and sponsorship industry, and currently serves as Vice President of Financial Strategy for Hakkasan Group. His extensive professional experience lies within the fields of project management/supply chain management, accounting and finance and has held impressive leadership roles for some of the country’s most esteemed establishments.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas graduate began his career as an accountant for Wells Fargo where he was responsible for ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and policies for his clients among other duties. After nearly three years, Aranas moved upward to Sallie Mae where he played a lead role in business development for the company’s business units and assisted with the acquisition of more than $50 million in new servicing portfolios during the fiscal year. In 2004, Aranas migrated to mortgage banking company Meridias Capital to specialize in the refinancing of residential loans and mortgages in the Las Vegas area. Just two years later, Aranas worked for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) as a Financial Analyst. There he was responsible for the cash management and investment functions for the LVCVA’s $100 million investment portfolio; his tasks included security purchases and transfers of daily and monthly accounting reconciliation programs.

Aranas entered the corporate world at the end of 2007, making his mark as the Financial Analysis and Sourcing Manager for MGM Resorts and soon after was promoted to Director of Strategic Sourcing for Food and Beverage following his efforts with elevating MGM Resorts Corporate Beverage Program. In 2010, Angel Management Group (AMG) welcomed Aranas on board as the Director of Sponsorship & Sourcing. It was here that Aranas leveraged the company’s scale to achieve the best quality; service and delivery among all categories of spend.

As the Vice President of Financial Strategy, Aranas continues to provide strategic guidance, leadership, oversight and monitoring for all aspects of long range financial and capital planning, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions and decisions supporting infrastructure for Hakkasan Group. Aranas plays an integral part of all areas of financial development and serves as a key advisor for the direction of the company.