About Shade Tree

Shade Tree exists “to provide safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis and to offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance.”
From http://www.theshadetree.org/about-us/

About Noah’s Animal House

Noah’s Animal House in Las Vegas is a full-service boarding facility on the grounds of the largest women & children’s shelter in Nevada. It was built in 2007 as our flagship operation after recognizing how many other arrivals at The Shade Tree Shelter were desperately seeking the same safety and protection for their pets.
From http://noahsanimalhouse.org/purpose/

Through Hakkasan Group’s work with Shade Tree and Noah’s Animal House, a total of $63,198 has been donated, over 200 volunteer hours have been contributed, and 1 ton of goods have been given.

“Volunteering at The Shade Tree and Noah’s Animal House opened the eyes of myself and every one of our employees who donated their time. After seeing the facilities and understanding the services provided to those escaping their abusers firsthand, I knew there was much to be done and couldn’t wait to get started. Even while healing from their domestic violence past, the women, children and pets were all so loving and thankful for our attention to the cause and willingness to help make a difference in their lives.”
– Alan Walker, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager

“The Shade Tree and Noah’s Animal House is grateful for the year-round support that we receive from HKG. The winter fundraiser and supply drive that HKG held was a great success as they brought smiles and tons of holiday cheer to our clients and their families. We are forever grateful for our partnership.”
– Travis Turner, Immediate Past President, The Shade Tree Shelter, Trustee, Noah’s Animal House